Sunday, March 8, 2015


She runs left, then right and I reach out and grab her.  She tries to wrestle loose but I hold tight.  "You are not getting away from me!" I say through clenched teeth.  You can see the fear in her eyes.
"E!  It's bath time!"  Her beautiful white and black fur is caked with road grit and grim.  Our morning walk was the highlight of her day.  Dana said to her, "Emery, do you want to go for a walk?"  At this Emery, jumps up runs over to lick her face.
I guess we aren't the only ones that are sick of this long winter.
So once I have ahold of her,  I put her in the tub and turn on the water.  She is definetly not happy now.  Her legs are stiff and her little tail is stuck straight out.  I pour cups of water over her and the road grim runs down her legs and into the water.
I keep talking to her super sweet.  "Oh, Who's a good girl?  You are gonna be so clean.  Who's my baby?"  Emery doesn't respond still stiff legged and straight tail.
I squirt the shampoo on to her and rub it into her fur.  The white fur is still brown and black.  The bottom of the tub has enough grit to to fill in a small low spot in the yard.  Emery still doesn't respond.  Her legs are stiff and the tail is straight.
I finish up her bath and tell her it's ok to get out.  She looks at me and springs out.  No more stiff legs! No more stiff tail.  She looks around and shakes her whole body, water flying everywhere before she lunges for my clean fleece.  She rolls in it, twists, shakes, and growls before sprinting out the door.  I follow behind with the towel but she doesn't care.  I know where she is going, the "no dog couch."  I get to the bottom of the stairs and she is already on the couch.  Again twisting, shaking, and growling all while trying to get the water off of her.
"Emery!"  I shout as Dana walks in the door.
"What are you two doing?"
"She just got out of the bath?" I reply.
"Really?  Looks like you missed some spots."
"HAHA, If you only knew!"


  1. I have one who as soon as she's in the tub, her entire body goes so stiff that I have to physically turn her around because she will not move. I feel your pain.

  2. I can identify. My mother had a boarding kennel and did grooming...I bathed a lot of uncooperative dogs. A raised tub helps a lot though

  3. Great post! Your descriptions of Emery are wonderful. I can really see the story unfolding.


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