Tuesday, March 3, 2015

"Ski Down!"

As the chair lift comes up behind us we slide into place.  The chair touches the back of my leg, I sit down and it starts to move forward.  It doesn't feel right, the chair is moving with a jerky, hesitant sort of feel.  I look up and think, "Is there something wrong with this chair?"  As I turn to look at the boys, someone from behind shouts the dreaded words of all skiers!

"Ski Down!"  Laughter moves through the crowd, as we continue moving up the hill.  I look down, two skis. Phew! For a brief second I feel relieved before I see it is Grant's ski that has come loose.

Grant looks to me, "Should I jump?" 

Wyatt and I both reply, "No!" at the same time. 

"That's what you did last week." Grant replies as the lift comes to a halt.  The lift operator lumbers over through the snow and retrieves the ski.

"They will send it up!" I say reassuringly.

"He gave it to the guy in chair 109," adds Wyatt.

The chairs start to move again and we all laugh.
"Well that was embarrassing," I joke at the same time grant realizes he has to get off with one ski.

"How am I going to get off the lift?"

Wyatt helpfully adds, "Carefully."

We ride the rest of the way up with all kinds of suggestions and ideas for him but in the end we decide he just has to go for it.  As we reach the top, classic rock is booming from the operator's shed.  I shout to him, "He only has one ski!"  The operator looks concerned for a brief second before we are tumbling out of the chair.  I do my best to hold him up, and his brother shoves Grant out of the way to save himself.  We almost clear the lift when down he goes.  The lift keeps going and we limp out of the way.
The ski is about 6 chairs back, the guy gets off with it and I say, "Hey! thanks."

He throws the ski from about 15 feet in our direction with a curt, "Here!"

With a heavy dose of sarcasm, "Thanks again!"
Grant already has his ski back on and is off.

"Wanna do Hemlock?" He shouts over his shoulder.

'"Sure!" we call back, trying to catch up.


  1. Oh the trials and tribulations of the chair lift! Your post brought back many memories - most of them embarrassing! This line in particular sparked painful flashbacks, "It doesn't feel right, the chair is moving with a jerky, hesitant sort of feel." Obviously, skiing was not my thing. Thanks for sharing such powerful imagery.

  2. My consolation when things like that happen on the slopes is that people don't know me and couldn't recognize me with my helmet, goggles, and face mask on anyway. Your post proves the resiliency of kids :-)

  3. Ski lift stories are often quite amusing, but not always for the person enduring the difficulties. My favorite is when I am on a lift with snowboarders on either side of me. Getting off can be dicey anytime, but with complications like missing skis, it adds to the fun. My consolation thought is always, "At least I'll have a story to tell."

  4. The Slice is way beyond me. I freak out on those lifts. So glad for you but me, I'm good on the ground :)
    Bonnie K.


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