Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My Muse

My phone vibrates and I glance at the seat next to me.  I see an incoming call from Dana; her smiling face brings a smile to mine.   I excuse myself from the room and answer it.  “Hello?”   We had just talked 30 minutes ago and exchanged several texts.

“Hey!  How is your class going?”  Comes from the other end.  

“Ugh, it’s killing me!  He presented for 40 minutes about Smart Notebook and now he is giving us two and a half hours of work time.”

“Too work on what?” she asks quizzically. 

I laugh, “Anything we want.  So you can imagine how productive I am being.” 

“I'm sure!  Did you finish your Slice?”

“No, I am struggling to think of something today! I just can't get it together, I hardly ever have a difficult time coming up with ideas.” 

I hear her laugh in the phone, and her reply leaves me with a giant smile, “It’s because you haven’t seen me all day!”

"So true.  You are my muse!" 


  1. Everyone needs a muse, sounds like you have a good one.

  2. I hope you will always be in touch with your muse!


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