Thursday, March 12, 2015

Emery, Craigslist, and Kurt's Pajamas

“Should I tell someone where I am going?” I think to myself as I follow the robotic female’s voice directions to the location Kurt had texted to me.  “Well I did tell Dana’s mother I was going to buy a table saw from a guy on craigslist.” 

Twenty minutes later!

“Your destination is ahead on the right”

I pull in the driveway, up to the open garage and push the button on my steering wheel and I redial the last number. “Hey! I think I’m here.  Is your house blue?” I say looking at the navigation display.  The box in the center reads, “You have reached your destination.”

“I don’t think so, my house isn’t blue,” comes the gravelly voice on the other end.  “Are there horses there?”


“That’s not my house?  I’m the fourth house on the left?  My mom has a tan Buick and I have a green SUV.” Kurt’s voice is muffled and he speaks in a mumbling kind of way. 

“OK, be right there.” I reply as I back out of the neighbor’s driveway.  I turn to Emery, “Oh boy!”  My brain starts to think, “This guy is definitely an adult, sounds kind of sketchy and he lives with his mother in the middle of nowhere.  Sounds perfectly safe, besides I have Emery the twenty five pound Springer Spaniel puppy with me.”

As I pull in, the house looks pretty normal.  Playset in the yard, a boat, well kept.  I put the car in park, say to E, “Be right back.”  Famous last words…

I stand in the driveway, waiting for Kurt.  Kurt comes out, probably in his mid 40’s, still dressed in his pajamas, “Hey!  Come-on it’s in the basement.”

 I smile and respond, “Great!”  We get to the back door and he opens it, “After you,” I respond.

The machine is in the basement and weighs at least a thousand pounds.  After about twenty minutes of wrestling we get it in the car, I thank Kurt and were on our way.  “Well E!  Another successful purchase.  You have such an overactive imagination!”

Emery turns, gives me the classic confused dog look and curls up on her seat for the ride home.  

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