Thursday, March 5, 2015

Ceiling Collapse

Battling the snow and cold this winter has become a struggle.  Ice dams, giant snow banks and roof leaks have become the norm.  I have spent more time this winter on my roof or behind my snow blower then I have on the ski slopes. 

Almost every day, we are finding a new small leak.  Dana is living in constant fear of a ceiling collapse especially when sleeping.  So, every time there is a new leak I have to drill a hole next to it to relieve possible pressure and pools forming on top of the drywall thus causing a collapse.  I think she saw this on Pintrest or Buzzfeed.  Now not only do I have leaks but I have a bunch of holes, of various sizes, drilled next to them. 

Last night, we finally reached a day where the temperature was hovering just above the freezing point.  The temperature was barely 32 degrees and the usual snow had turned to a freezing rain, drizzle mix.  As we were going to bed it was still this wintery mix and the wind had picked up and the worry of collapse was high.  “It’ll be fine!  Don’t worry,” I reassured her before turning out the lights.

About 11:45, we both wake up from a sound sleep to this load roaring noise.  We jump to our feet, and are standing at the end of the bed staring at each other.  “What was that?”

“Just the wind,” I respond but she is already in the bathroom looking out the window.  “Is the garage still standing?”

“Yes, that scared me?” She says still looking out the window.  "We should sleep in another room?”

I walk up behind her and put my hands on her arms, “No, its fine, besides there are clean clothes all over the spare bed,” I say trying to lighten the mood. 

“I think it was all the snow falling off the roof.”

“Really!  I thought it was just the wind.”

“Wind?” comes Dana’s response.

“OK, maybe the roof heated up and all the snow slide off,” I agree.  “I’ll look in the morning.”

She looks at me with skeptical expression.

“Come on let’s go back to bed,” I say.

As we step back into the bedroom, Emery lifts up her head and looks around.  She turns her head and gives me a “What did I miss?” look.

“Bedtime E!” I say to her and her head flops back down on the bed.


  1. I hope you get a chance to enjoy a little skiing before this winter ends. We are struggling with 17 inches of snow today in my neck of the woods. Please tell Dana our guest bed is ALWAYS covered with clean clothes, too. My kids think that is the "clean laundry" room.

  2. Sounds like this snow and cold has you all a little on edge. I hope you get a few trips down the slopes before spring! Snow should have more happy memories than anxious ones.


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