Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Alien Robots, Giant Perch and the Cold?

“Tom!  Wake up!  Did you hear that?”
I wake with a start, leaving behind a flood of alien robots; evil used car salesman and one giant robot eating perch, into our darkened room.  I look around and hear Emery’s collar and tags clink next to me.
“Can you check the hall?  I heard something. “
I unfasten my c-pap mask.  The rushing air from the device breaks the silence with a steady whooshing noise and I let out a sigh of frustration.
I swing my legs to the floor and make my way to the door.  As I open it to the hallway I say sleepily, “Nothing there.”
“Can you check the rest of the house? It sounded like someone is in the house walking around.”
I glance to Emery she is now standing at my side looking up.  I can read her face.  “Is it morning? Time to eat?”
I ignore her as best I can, but I also think it is nice to have her when checking for an intruder.  We walk to the end of the hall and down the stairs. She doesn’t bark and our house is small so I can tell no one is there before I clear the stairs.   We walk to the kitchen and I click on the light under the cabinet.  I look to the thermometer.  -14˚F.  No wonder why we are hearing creaking and cracking in the middle of the night.
Emery does her quick perimeter check and heads for her food dish.  I glance in her direction as I head back upstairs “Come on, E. Bedtime.”  She shoots me a confused dog look and follows.
Back upstairs I climb back into my still warm covers, as Emery settles in the middle trying to find her perfect spot.  “What was it?” asks the sleepy voice from next to me.
“I think it is just the cold, its -14˚ outside.” 
“Oh ok, thanks for looking, I was just worried when I heard all that creaking.  It sounded like footsteps.”
“No were good.” I respond as I am sliding the mask back over my head.  The air is blowing against my face, like a strong breeze, the rushing sound gets louder and then is gone as it seats around my nose.  I lay my head against the pillow and close my eyes.
“Why was I dreaming about giant robot eating perch? Strange.” I think to myself, as I listen to Emery chomping her ball and I drift back to sleep.


  1. What a great slice of life story! I'd love to feature it in one of the daily "Be Inspired" pieces during the March Challenge. If that would work for you, please email me at stacey[at]staceyshubitz[dot]com by this Thursday and lmk if that would be okay with you.

    BTW: There are so many more night noises with the cold weather! The other night I was CONVINCED I heard thunder snow. In the end, it was just a huge gust of wind.

  2. You really captured this slice of your night so deftly. I can certainly relate to those odd night-time noises with this crazy cold winter and the comfort of having a four-footed friend to accompany you on your investigations. We had -23 one morning. Yikes! Thanks for sharing.

  3. So many details that are so specific to the moment. No wonder Stacey wanted to feature this. I hope many more check this out. Would love to know the analysis of that dream. LOL!

  4. Love the dialogue and details, as well as the progression of this piece. You really got us in the moment. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Love the dialogue and details, as well as the progression of this piece. You really got us in the moment. Thank you for sharing.


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