Tuesday, June 3, 2014


We were writing memoirs in class and I decided on writing about my grandmother.  My grandmother passed away in 1996 and I have some very fond memories of her (see Grandma’s Goodbye).  One thing I did not have readily accessible was a photograph of her.  I could have gone to my parents’ house and found one, scanned it, saved it, etc.  Instead I did what we all do now so often, I went to Google.  And sure enough up pops a picture of my grandmother from 1982.  Now, as I had said my grandmother passed in 1996, when the internet was in its beginning stages so grandma never had Facebook, or Twitter yet there it was as plain as day.   It is a beautiful picture of her.  The picture was attached to the obituary of a close friend of hers that just died in February.  My aunt had posted the pictures so my grandmother tended to be in most of the group shots.

The thing that really struck me about the photos was how quickly they took me back.  Seeing her face brought a smile to mine and it was hard to believe she has been gone for so long.  The picture, other than the quality, looks like it could have been taken yesterday.  Grandma just the way I always remembered her looking.  I am not sure why I have been in such a sentimental, reflective mood lately, maybe too many memoir lessons, but every time I look at this picture it triggers these feelings.  But there is something about the picture that I can’t help look at it… even now with it on the page I can’t put my finger on it.  I wonder how my aunt felt about it; obviously she must have liked it because it was one of a few she posted, how about my sibling, my brother and my sister.  I wonder if they would have the same sort of feelings.  Or is it just me reflecting on time gone by…  I’m going to send it to them…


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