Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Bridge

The old bridge starts straight and strong. 
The boards creak and bend under our
weight but they stay in place.  One may sink
 or sway or cause us to stumble but we
recover and continue.  The obvious
pitfalls we avoid, they are clear, broken,
missing or damaged in some way.

However, some of the dangers are
unavoidable, hidden below the surface.
The weakness extends well beyond the
shaky exterior.  The timbers shudder under
the weight.  Passing these points is difficult
and hard traveling.  Each treacherous step
looks for support, but there isn’t much
relief.   Still we need to continue, and there
are more struggles  ahead.  Unknown
dangers, we cannot always see clear.
They are hiding, lurking.  Boards you
thought you could count on, ones you have
 always counted on are rotten.  Some even
give way, easily.
Have these boards always been rotten?
No probably just worn with age. 

With the end in sight the boards are frail and we move slowly around them.  However, we can’t stop the end from
coming near.  One last glance behind, and the path is so clear.  If only we had known before we crossed.  

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