Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Nature and narratives

Link to Nature and NarrativesHere is a link to my post it is a narrative i wrote using the App Tapestry.  I made it on an iPad and it seems that is the best way to view it.  The computer version was sideways for some reason.  I am looking into it.


  1. I love your narrative, Thomas! I could feel the suspense and tension as you eagerly clicked away your 10 pictures! It was almost like I was walking with you and your class! I can't wait to upload the app and start using it with my young son :-) Oh, and I was able to view it right-side up on my laptop :-)

  2. This is just plain awesome! I had never heard of Tapestry before. Thanks for telling a great story and a giving us a fun new way to share them!


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