Saturday, March 8, 2014

Uncle Buck

     My grandmother had just bought a VCR.  Her very first.  I was staying with her for a month as part of my summer vacation.  We had just returned from Sears and she wanted me to hook it up.  "Grandma?  Do you have any movies?"
    "No, I just got a VCR today!" she replied, "Let's go to the store and rent one."
    So off we go to the store, after she gets her video card, I pick two movies, Uncle Buck and Naked Gun.
Two movies that as a 13 year old boy I had already seen several times.  When we arrive home I pop in Uncle Buck and she retreats to her room, only to return during the "dirty dancing" scene.  
     "What are you watching?" she shrieks, "This movie is trash."  
     "Grandma, I have seen this before."
     A large fight ensues and long story short I end up at my Aunt's house for the last week of my vacation.
My grandmother eventually calms down and her and I spend the day with my aunt and my 4 year old cousin.
As we are walking along my cousin say, "Hey! Tommy you like Uncle Buck?"  
    "What?" comes my stunned response.  I glance toward Gram but she isn't looking.


  1. I haven't seen Uncle Buck, but I do know that people tend to walk in at the wrong time! I wonder why she got the VCR if she didn't want to watch. For you? I love the subtle ending.

  2. Oh, Uncle Buck! I love that she had YOU hook it up too! Isn't that still the way it is?! I can't tell you how many times my kids have said something like, "We had to fix the TV for Grandma!" Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for sharing that sweet memory. I don't even remember any dancing in Uncle Buck. I love the ending also.. funny


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