Thursday, March 20, 2014

They're Back...Invasion

                They're back!  Spring must be close because I saw three of them yesterday.  A little group of them were checking their surroundings.  It has been a long grueling winter.  Marching two by two, I spotted the advance scout on the dining room table exploring the area. He was making a zig-zag pattern back and forth, probably to cover his tracks. But I saw him first.  I reached over stealthy…squish!  His little lifeless body reduced to nothing.  “Haven’t seen one of them in a while,” I thought to myself. 
     I stood up and moved into the kitchen I turned and leaned against the counter and they attacked from nowhere.  First one, then another come sprinting toward me. With lightning speed I intercepted both of them and…squish.  Both went down easily in one fluid movement.  I turned and stepped back from the counter.  I looked right and left and back to the right.  “I think it’s over,” I said to myself almost breathless.  I still took one more look before stepping to the fridge.  I reached for the white board marker and wrote…

  •   Buy ant traps!


  1. I haven't seen ants yet, but a fly has been buzzing inside, driving one of my dogs crazy!

  2. Oh, yes, they're just back in my world, too! I love how you've built this little moment with your use of BIG language.

  3. No ants yet, but the robins have been tweeting up a storm! Spring is here - at least as far as the calendar is concerned.


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