Monday, March 10, 2014

The Best Snowball Fight Ever

The second we get outside I scoop down and grab a handful of snow.  It was sunny and warm so the snow was icy and easy for packing.  I toss the snowball back at my class following behind me. 
I hear someone shout, “Get him!”
Instantly a barrage of snowballs is flying my way.  I start to run through the snow, away from the angry mob while trying to defend myself.  Stopping every few feet to make a quick snowball and toss it. 
Whack!  A direct hit to the side of my face.  The icy snow stings and clings to my face and glasses.  I look up and see William smiling.  I try to toss a couple back but they are advancing quickly.  The other classes have joined in.  Now I am doing more retreating  than… Whack!...throwing.  Whack!  Another snowball to the back and leg.
“I need to stop them,” I think.  We’ve been outside 5 minutes and I am already winded and sweating.  40 plus kids are chasing me.
“Ok, OK,” I yell, “Everyone stop, someone is going to get hurt.”  Whack! Whack! Two more direct hits.  I draw a line in the snow.  “We are getting to close to each other, you guys stay on this side of the line and I will stay over here, OK?”
They all line up in a single line and I run about ten yards past them.  It looks like a man facing a firing squad.  And it is.  Snowballs are flying at me as I slump to the ground to return fire.  Whack!  Another one to the face.  It hits directly on my lip, I feel it swell and go numb.  “D&^%! That hurt,” I say under my breathe.
Eventually some kids defect to my side and the fight continues a little fairer.  We toss snowballs at each other until I am soaked and sweat is running down my face.  Larry, who has volunteered to be my human shield turns to me and says, “This is the best snowball fight ever!”
“Yeah it is,” I say while launching another one at the enemy.  Whack! Another direct hit.


  1. That is hilarious! Throughout the conversation, I visualized everything! I almost felt the pain! Loved it.

  2. I think there was a video playing in my head while reading your post! Very funny!


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