Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I didn't go to the house today.  I imagine its broken, torn down walls are being repaired, reconfigured and renewed.  As each new piece of lumber, white and clean, is added to the dark sections of long ago. We're making it bigger, better, more functional all inside the same old shell of a house.  Sometimes I envision myself as the old shell of a house.  Worn and tired on the outside but starting a new inside.  Bit by bit stripping away the old me replacing the dark weathered pieces with fresh clean parts.  But have I changed if the outside appearance is the same.  Walking down the street, do people see the same old me?  I don't.  I would like to think the new pieces are shining through like the new pieces of an old house.  It flows better, its lines smoother, a ray of sunlight shining through a new window.  But does it?  Maybe tomorrow, maybe the next pieces will shine...

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