Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Little Slicers!

                On the third of March I received an email from Amy Ludwig Vanderwater, (my writing idol) and it contained a link to the Slice of Life Challenge.  I wasn’t really prepared for the challenge or honestly ever heard of it before, but I jumped right in.  It was easy for me because I already had a blog and all that so... Slice away.
          But as a teacher I always want my students involved.  Off to the principal I went.  “I have an idea!”  I said poking my head in her office.
          Her response “Let me get my Tom’s ideas notebook."
          “Very funny,” I replied tilting my head, voice filled with sarcasm.
          “No really, I have one right here,” she reaches under a pile and sure enough she has a small stack of papers filled with my ideas.
          I explained the challenge and the need for blogs…  So long story short we decided to go with a hardcopy version we can “post” in school.    As Lucy would say, “Off we go!”
I explained the challenge to them (we decided on M-F for the month), showed them the Two Writing Teachers site and my own blog.  Moderate enthusiasm at best.  The first day I gave them 15 minutes, I glanced up at them after 5, almost everyone was done.  The next day starts and I encouraged them to “push themselves as writers.” Again 5 minutes in I look up, most heads down still writing. 
Now, we start every morning with our slice, 15 minutes of quiet reflective writing and when I glance up all heads are down, unless they are coming for more paper!  After our 15 minutes we exchange papers randomly and “post” comments using mailing labels.  Then out to the hall to literally “Post them to our wall.”  
I'd say more but I attached one of my student pieces that I really thought summed it up.

Today's Slice


  1. ". . .we want to be better writers. Right?" Right on I say! Or should it be Write On!

  2. Well done! I love Amy's work, too. This March writing will benefit your kids so much, so good for you for giving it a go.


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