Monday, March 17, 2014

I'm Sick of the Cold!

                I swung open the front door this morning and was greeted with an icy blast of air.  My breath hung in the air like little smoke clouds and I hadn’t bothered to grab my heavy coat.  It was cold, probably in the single digits.  I could feel the inside of my nose freezing up.  “Dang, it’s cold out,” I say to no one. 
                My truck was frozen over, covered in a perfect pattern of ice crystals.  They covered the windows only allowing an obscured vision of the interior.  It is even colder inside the truck.  A leftover fast food drink, half full from yesterday’s lunch was frozen solid.  I turned the key in the ignition and the starter rolled over slowly, before the truck groaned and roared to life.  “Phew! You had me worried for a second girl!”
I glanced down 5˚F, I was right, cold!  The icy pattern was no better from the inside of the truck, obscuring my view of the outside.  I hit the squirts and the ice disappeared in two perfect eyebrows.  The cold leather steering wheel was like ice in my hands.  I tried to touch it as little as possible, great for driving.   As I pulled out of the drive, I noticed the sun a blaze of orange and yellow that replaced the ice crystals in obscuring my vision.  I reached up and blocked the sun with my left hand, while my mind flashed back to the bench by the door where my sunglasses were laying this morning.
 “At least the sun is up and out today,” I thought as I swung the truck out onto the road.  “It’s almost Spring, 4 more days.” 


  1. I am sick of this weather too. I opened my door in VA and found 6 inches of snow on the ground that fell overnight and ALL schools closed, as well as the Federal Gov't. Really? Your precise description of your icy conditons. I like the hope you have of being just 4 days away from the first day of spring stated on out calendar. I am trying to be hopeful, too but Mother Nature sure is being fickle this year! Stay warm!

  2. I hear ya! Another frigid day in the northeast.


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