Friday, March 14, 2014

Ice Cream and Salami

          “Could please I have four slices of Salami?” My Grandma asks the deli clerk.  I looked up and give my grandma a quizzical, confused look.  My mother always bought lunch meat by the pound. 
The store clerk caught my look and confirmed the order with Gram.  “Four slices, Ma’am?”
“That’s what I said,” my grandmother replied with an annoyed tone, “and four slices of turkey.”  She turned to me and said, “We can have sandwiches for lunch this week.”
“Ok,” was my response but in my head I was thinking “This week? I am not sure we have enough for one day.”
As we continued shopping around the store, she was picking up all the staples when she turned to me and asked, “Wanna get some ice cream?”
“Sure, can we get chocolate?”  Now Ice cream is a staple in my family, one of the main food groups.  On a Saturday night, we would get out 5 bowls and a half-gallon of CIR, as we called it, and all that would be left was an empty carton.  So, when she said ice cream I was pumped.  
We head down the frozen food aisle and stopped in front of the glass case.  Grandma carefully made her selection and placed it in the cart.  I look, a pint of chocolate ice cream.  I knew CIR came in small containers but I never knew who bought them.  Now the answer was clear… Grandmas.
We finished up our shopping which included a gallon handle of wine and home we went.
That night I was up watching TV and grandma was already sound asleep.  I’m was a teenage boy so I head to the freezer.  I grabbed the pint of ice cream and a spoon, perfect size. No problem finishing this one myself, or so I thought.
The following evening, grandma walked into the kitchen and shouted to me, “Tommy, you want to some ice cream?”
To which I respond “You bought more ice cream?”  I was confused we were together all day. I headed toward the kitchen.
“Yeah, yesterday,” as she opened the freezer, “Where is the ice cream?”
“I ate that last night after you went to bed,” I said taken back by the angry look on her face.
“All of it? You didn’t think that maybe someone else would want some?” now she didn’t just look angry.
“Well it was so little,” I respond trying to justify my actions.
Grandma was shaking her head, while leaving the room, when she stopped and looked at me, “There is no need for you to make a pig of yourself!”   
“I’m sorry,” I quietly replied as she walked away.  I breathed a sigh of relief and thought,  “Man, am I in trouble when she goes for the salami!”


  1. Ahahaha! This is terrific! It brought back many memories of both of my grandmas. And as one of my students says now: My mom wants me to spend the night at Grandma's but I don't want to. She won't let me eat ANY candy while I'm there. Gotta love grandmas!

  2. This is a fantastic slice of life story! You really created your grandmother's character so well from the way you had her ordering the lunch meat at the deli counter. That sounds like something my Grandma would've done. :) Thanks for bringing a smile to my face.

    And, oh yeah. You better run to the store if you want lunch meat b/c it could definitely be gone by the time you get there.

  3. Now I want to hear the rest of the story.... :-) This was a fun slice. I can just picture your grandmother shopping with you and you wondering if she is getting enough food. Looks like she is shopping for a more senior appetite. Thanks! Jackie


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