Sunday, March 30, 2014


     Shopping with two boys is mentally exhausting!
" What's Husky mean?"  Wyatt asks, with a gleam in his eyes that means to me he already knows. He is just like me when I was a kid, tall and skinny.  Nothing about him is Husky.  His brother on the other hand, is a little Husky.
    When I was a kid I always wore Slim fit and my brother was the Husky one.  And just like Wyatt I was amused by the term Husky. I always thought it was kinda like saying your fat but in a nicer way.  My brother always hated buying Husky pants but I equally hated the Slim pants.  So when we are shopping today Grant was feeling some of his pain.
    He would come out of the dressing room and say the shorts fit fine and I would agree  except they came down half way to his ankle.  I would say that they were a little long and he would say he likes them like that.      
    So off to the Husky section I go.  When I return he says, "I don't need Husky these are fine!"
    I hand him the Husky shorts and they fit perfect.
    Back to Wyatt's question.  I respond, "Husky just means your legs haven't caught up with your waist yet!
    Everyone seemed pretty happy with that answer.


  1. I always have wondered about "husky" - my brother was slim. Did they have a name for "regular?" I like your answer!

  2. Still chuckling. I am impressed you do the shopping with your boys!


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