Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Happy Birthday

    The World Wide Web (WWW) turned 25 years old today.  But did you know that the Internet and the WWW are not the same thing?  Neither did I.  I heard on TV today that the Internet is a series of computers across the world and the WWW is something that made it easier for them to communicate.  Wow!  I learn something new everyday.  And I figured I would share it with you.
     I still remember the first time I used the WWW or the Internet, (Honestly, I have no idea which one it was).  I was in high school and the librarian showed us how to sign on so we could find journals to do research.  It was an amazing experience, okay not really but I can still hear the modem dialing and beeping as it connected.  What ever happened to the dial up tone?
    Fast forward one year and I am in college with a work study job in the Computer lab.  My supervisor was a super chill guy, named Darryl, who was more interested in his smoke breaks then what I was actually doing.  He takes me to the lab, as I am telling him I know nothing about computers.  He responds, "It's okay, just make sure the printers have paper and no one is doing anything to damage or steal the equipment."
    I could do that.  The lab was nice, brand new computers, he shows me my work station and how to log on.   He leaves and I start to explore the desktop.  Internet Explorer...Double click.  I had heard of chat rooms and how to search for pictures so I try both.
Search... I type "Old Chevy Pickups"  tons of pictures show up.  Cool, I try some more searches.
     After a while I stop looking at pictures and try a chat room.  I "enter" one and type "Hi! I am new to chat rooms?"   Very creative, right?  I actually just copied it from someone else's post.  But even with that lame line people start chatting with me.  The typical conversation was about how old we were, our genders, how beautiful the person was and if I wanted to meet in a private chat room? I had also heard about private chat rooms, so I decided to skip that.
     "This is the Internet?" I think to myself, not very exciting.  (Ha, if I only knew what 25 years later it would look like.)
    "Hey, dude!  This printer is jammed!"  Some kid is standing at the counter in front of me.
    "Okay, I can help you,"  I reply standing up and heading toward the printer.
I remove the paper and fix the jam and out comes a picture of a naked lady.  The kid turns and looks at me, "That's not mine!"  he says with a red guilty look on his face.
   I turn and look around the lab, it's just the two of us.  "Okay," I reply and set it on the counter upside down and walk back to my desk.  I smile as he hightails it out of the lab.  "And I was looking at old Chevy trucks," I think to myself.  I sit back down and type "Hi!  I am new to this chat room!"


  1. I remember joining up for AOL and listening to the dial and the hook up. I can't believe its been 25 years. I remember one of my friends in college telling me about a VAX lab where you could go and sign up for an email account. She then said you could email other people there. But you had to go to the lab to get your email. Bizarre.

  2. My husband is still looking for old Chevys. Now he does it without much help rom me.


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