Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Generating Ideas and Practicing What I Preach!

     “One way that I find ideas to write about is to look back in my old Writer’s Notebooks and read old entries,”  I said to the protests my class had about running out of ideas today.  “They may remind you of things that you were thinking or experiencing at a time long buried in your memory.”  

     So of course, when I sat down to write today I looked back in one of my notebooks close at hand.  I am not good about always writing in the same notebook all the time.  So my notebooks are kinda random and only linked by the date.

            The one I picked up today was no different.  The first entry was from almost a year ago and was my thoughts on my divorce.  

     Well, there is a whole series of things to write/think about.

     The next was a list of things I had to do around the same time.  Change beneficiaries, call TRS, how much a storage facility costs...  Wow a 10'x10' cost $64 and I met him at 3:10, I think his name was Darryl.  Definetly some stories to write about here.

     The next page took a little thinking...  Oh yeah!  A well planned staff development from last summer.  The presenter didn't show and we were sitting waiting, nothing to do, so I turned to my notebook. 
    Notes from Teacher's College Summer Institute small group section with Alex Marron.  What a great staff developer, she had so many great ideas.  I remember her saying, "Take all the photos you want of charts, etc.  just don't get me in them!"

       Totally forgot about this idea.  Bring in photos of when I was my student's age to flashback about my childhood.  I know my mom still has those photos, but I am not sure I want to share them all.  I remember when I got my first camera with "film".  My Dad said, "Why are you taking pictures of the fender of my truck?  That is a waste of film!"   I just found a picture of my Dad's green 1977 Ranger Pick-up Camper special.  I cried like a baby when he sold that one to buy the one I was taking  fender pictures of, or the baseball that dented the hood; laces marks and everything.
That reminds me I have to call Mom!   

     This one also has a great, in the moment, piece about anxiety I was feeling during one of the workshops.

     Anyone who saw my last post (my little slicers) about ideas I had for my principal.  I write those in my notebook too. I'm not sure that I ever did talked to her about these!  Grammar Committee?  Now that was a good one! But I really don't want to be on another committee!

     One of my more frustrated/not sure how to express my feelings, entries about how/why I felt others judge us.  I think this would make a great opinion piece;  
                  I believe others want us to be like them because...  I'm not sure I still believe this.  Ok! Yes, I do!

    Current to do list, not in my hand writing,  other people use my notebooks for their own means.  But it also reminds me of us teasing my son about him doing lots of work.  He responded, "Hey, What is everyone else going to be doing?  These all have my name after them."

     Amber - My TC buddy.  She teaches at a school in West Hollywood.  We were planning on being "Pen Pals" with our classes.  Totally forgot about this one.  One of her student's parents was a Hollywood actor,  I really should pursue this one.  My kids would love it.

     And the last one, another random quote, "writing is a skill not a talent."  I like this one.  I don't consider myself a talented writer but I working on it.  I use this one with my class all the time.

      Well, I guess I was right!  I probably have enough ideas here to finish out the March Challenge. But, if not, I have plenty more notebooks to dig through.

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  1. Great idea! Love the use of photos to show your thoughts from previous years. Your use of this strategy to model for your class was a great idea-- we do all have those memories tucked away. It's just a matter of remembering!


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