Tuesday, March 11, 2014

First Time

“Oh no, you’re not!”  Steve responded as he grabbed for his keys, “You’re going to the barbershop.  Come on I’m headed there now!”
“I already have an appointment at Supercuts,” I protested.
“Better call and cancel,” he said matter-of-factly as he headed down the drive way.
I follow behind him and jump in my truck.  We wheel around the block and park across from the barbershop. I had just barely enough time to call and cancel.  As I cross the street I say, “I’ve never been to a barber.”
“Really? You’ll love it and never go to Supercuts again.”
“I like Supercuts, I get a different haircut every time,” I say jokingly.   He laughs and we enter the shop. 
I instantly see the old-school barber shop, barber pole, porcelain chair and all.  Just like the one my mom had when we were kids.  I would sit in her beauty shop, spin in the chair, and talk on the phone to my latest girlfriend.  (Back when phones had cords).  But this was different, the barber was sitting in the chair scrolling through his iPad. 
“Hey, Steve!  What’s up?” he says glancing up from the screen.
“Got you a new customer.  This is Tom and he has was gonna get his haircut at Supercuts.  I told him no way!”
“Why do you get hair cut there? You like chatting with the ladies over there?” the barber says in my direction giving me a little jab.
“No, just never been to a barber before.  Up till a year ago my Mom cut my hair.”
Steve had already plunked down in the other chair, feet up.  “This is really your first time?  I’m glad I can be here to witness it.”
“Have a seat,” the barber says as he throws the cape over me and tucks a little tissue around my neck.  “How do you want it cut?”
“I don’t know, I usually just go short on the sides and a little longer on top,” I said with a shrug of the shoulders, “besides Supercuts just does whatever they want anyway.”
The barber eyes up my hair, cocking his head first one way and then another, like a parrot.  “Classic barber haircut for you it is!” he says with a gleam in his eye his head now shaking up and down.
He goes right to work on my hair as the three of us chat about work, woman, the neighborhood (typical barbershop talk).  We even all pause to look out the window and comment on the intoxicated guy that sleeps in the bowling alley.  It could have been the classic scene from any movie with a barbershop.  Just how you would picture a barbershop visit. 
Best of all I got a great haircut!  Steve was right no more Supercuts.


  1. This is great! I would even use this as a mentor text on dialogue!

  2. I love this slice! You painted such a picture...I could totally imagine this scene. I love the line "back when phones had cords." :)


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