Sunday, March 16, 2014


     I am not a dog person, I am allergic and quite often afraid of dogs.  But Denali has won me over.  Denali is a beautiful springer spaniel, well behaved, and a real attention hound.  He loves when the boys grab his toy and chase him around the house.  They wave it high and low, over the couch, under the table and he chases them, loving it.
    When the boys aren't chasing him he flops in his chair and waits for someone to love him.  I often sit on the couch and wait for him to come over.  He sticks his nose under your hand begging to be petted.  I always ignore him at this point.  He then takes his paw and scratches at your hand, I laugh and say, "What do you want, boy?" He contiunes scratching cause he knows he has you.  I reach up and rub the top of his head, his eyes roll back and turn to slits.  "Oh yeah, he loves that," I think!  He lays down and snuggles up.  He is warm and comfy and we both drift into a quick nap.
   Hey, I may not be a dog lover but when it comes to Denali, I may change my mind!


  1. No human can resist those doggy eyes and that nose that nudges your hand for just a tiny nugget of your love. And when they offer to take a nap with you? All bets are off. Me thinks you have changed your mind already.

  2. There is something about an animal's insistence that you pet him/her. It's irresistibly adorable. You're hooked forever now.


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