Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Clean Water for All

     I inherited two gold fish, Jack and Bunny.  (Think... Dead End in Norvelt).  They have become sort of a fixture on my desk.  And often elicit interesting responses from different people.  One person likes to "pet" the glass as they swim by, others ask random questions.            
      "What kind of fish are those?"
      "Uhm gold", I repond.  
      But overall most people just ignore them.  Which is what I like to do with them.  However, the class is fond of them, so even with numerous comments about all pipes leading to the ocean, I keep them.
    They are a pain though.  I have to find fish sitters over every extended break.  The last trip cost me $20 in Mexican vanilla.  Not to mention  cleaning them.  For two little fish they do get dirty in a hurry.  So yesterday I fill a bucket with water to reach room temperature for cleaning only to come in today and find a note hanging from their bowl.  
"Help... We can't breathe! Clean Us! Please!" read the note.
I don't know who left the note but I got the point and cleaned them first thing.  (Only cause the said please!)  Besides I don't want to be reported to some overzelous goldfish group.  Marching out front of the school with signs that read "Save the Goldfish" or "Clean Water for All."  Then what would I do... I would guess go back to the whole "all pipes" idea.  Anyways life goes on, the fish have clean water.  And I left a sign for the mystery person that simply says "glug, glug glug" - fish for Thank You.

Follow up...
 They don't look any happier.  They still stare at me with blank eyes, with their mouths making the same "O's" over and over, while I sit at my desk and eat a sleeve of Thin Mints. 


  1. Laughing as I read - you have a great tone in this piece. "Overzealous goldfish group"!

  2. This is too funny. You must be a kind soul. It reminds me of when our music teacher's husband brought a surprise home...a tarantula...she soon donated it to the principal where it lived a happy life. Jackie


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