Friday, March 21, 2014


        “Mr. Riddoch, you’re like a celebrity around here!”  Sarah beams as we walk past a class of younger students.  This class normally walks in a straight silent line down the hall but when they see me, it gets a little crazy.  It turns into a high fiving, fist bumping, leg hugging mess with all the kids trying to get my attention in one way or another.
        “The funny part, Sarah, is I don’t even know who half of these kids are,” I say to her with a laugh.
        She laughs back and says, “They sure seem to know you.”
We continue down the hall to the first intersection, which is about three strides.  Standing waiting to go through is a little red headed boy, probably a second or first grader.  He is waiting patiently until he sees me, his eyes get real wide and he has a huge grin on his face.
 Waving he shouts, “Hi Mr. Riddoch! Hi!”
I turn and look at him, I smile and say, “Hey, kid!” pointing giving him the “right back at ya” sign.  He smiles and we head down the hall.
Sarah looks up at me with a questioning look. “What about him?”
I laugh and respond, “I have No clue who that kid was!”
Sarah smiles and we both let out a huge laugh.

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  1. We are their "rock stars", isn't it amazing? This made me smile. Thank you for sharing.


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