Saturday, March 29, 2014

Can't Rush Genius!

    We're going to a party in 30 minutes.  It is going to be a late night, fun but I am sure late.  My mom just stopped to take the boys to her house, I need to shower, Dylan is getting in the shower and most important I need to post to my blog.
     So of course, when Dana wakes in the room she says "Hurry up! We gotta get going," snapping her fingers.
    "I know we do!" comes my exasperated voice, running my fingers through my hair.
    "Is this why you are stressed out?"
    "Yeah!  You can't rush genius work!" I say still frustrated by my lack of ideas.  And I am even more annoyed because she is rushing me.  "You know I won't be able to do this when we get home.
  "There you go!"  she says excited, "Write about this and use "You can't rush genius" as your ending.
    I smile, "Perfect," I think and off to writing I go.
    Dana leaves the room only to return with her phone too seconds later, "My brother is going to give me a check tonight when we see him."
   "Oh good, he's coming tonight?" I reply.
   "Why wouldn't he," she snaps.
   "Sorry you're right," I say as she leaves the room.  Back to typing.
   "Dad it just took me five minutes to figure out that the thing is in the shower is the lid for the laundry hamper," Dylan says entering the room laughing at himself.
   "Tom? Do you have any undershirts?" Dana shouts from the back room.
   "Underwear drawer!" I shout back.  Still trying to type the blog.
   Dana and Dylan this time, "This one!"
   I breathe deep, "Yes that one!" I say through my teeth!
  "Tick! Tock," she says,  "I'm leaving without you!
  So I guess you can't rush genius but I can rush through my blog at least for today!

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