Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Be True to the Juice

          Today is my birthday!  To me birthdays always mean a big meal, cake, ice cream, and cupcakes at school.  However, this year is going to be different; this year is going to be all about the “juice”, lots and lots of juice!  We decided last week, we were going to do a three day juice cleanse.  I use the term we lightly, but I decided it couldn’t hurt and I went along with it.  
One Down!!!

        So why start on my birthday?  I can thank FedEx for that, there was a mix up in the shipping and instead of arriving last week, a new shipment arrived yesterday!  The package contained 36 – 16 ounce juice bottles, 18 for each of us to be consumed over the next three days.  The bottles are all numbered and labeled with great sounding names. 
So today, March 26th, My Birthday becomes juice cleanse day one.
        We get up this morning and Dana heads right for the fridge.  She reaches in and grabs the first one, “Morning Glory” and takes a sip.  I watch her face for a reaction.  “How is it?” I ask cautiously.
        She swallows and says, “It is mostly straight up vegetables!” and offers me the bottle.
        “I’ll wait for my own to try it.  I don’t want to drink any of yours!” I respond waving off the bottle with my hands. 
We continue getting ready for school and as we are about to leave she says, “I know what you’re going to do today!” in a joking accusatory tone.
“Stop for a beer on the way home!” I offer up in response.
“Well probably that too, but I was thinking more about all the cupcakes and treats at school today.”
She knows how much I love cupcakes but I respond, “No I won’t. I am sticking to it.” 
“You better!” she replies narrowing her eyes at me.
“I will!” I say raising my right hand like I am taking an oath.
As she walks out the door, she turns and says, “Be true to the juice!”
“Be true to the juice,” I respond as we both laugh and she closes the door behind her.
I smile, shake my head and sigh, “Be true to the juice!  Happy Birthday!”


  1. I have never done a cleanse, but I bet it makes you more self-aware. Happy Birthday.....deciding to do something good for you is always a gift.

  2. Great title. You have to continue this post...tell us the names of the juices. I am curious. Morning Glory sounds so uplifting and fresh. Good luck on this endeavor...and have a good celebration next week! Jackie


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