Thursday, March 27, 2014

Back on the Wagon or Juicing Day 2

        I walk in to the house and Dana is laying on the couch.  “Hey, are you alright?” I inquire.
        I kneel down in front of her and see her eyes are little slits.  “I feel all dizzy and lightheaded from the last juice,” comes her weak reply.  And I think the acid is eating a whole in my throat.”
        “Really? I feel fine! I’m just really thirsty and have had to use the bathroom a lot today.  Too much liquid!” I reply with a chuckle.
“Did you stay true to the juice?” she asks, “No cupcakes? No treats?”
“Nothing! I was very good today!”
“Are you lying to me!”
“No!  I’m serious! I stayed true to the juice!” I smile and laugh, thinking how hard it really was.
“Well, I am starving! Can you get me my “Dinner” from the fridge?”
I walk to the fridge and pull out bottle number 5.  It is a thick coconut juice that looks kinda like eggnog.
She opens the top takes a sip and gags! “It’s gross, I can’t drink this!” her voice is full of disgust.  “I’m done! Do you want to quit?”
I respond with. “No I am fine.”  All the while thinking to myself, “I can’t be the one to quit; I’ll never hear the end of it.”
She forces down another sip, this time with her nose plugged.  “I would quit for you, if you really wanted me to.”
Quickly I say, “I would quit for you, if you really wanted me to.”
“We could go out to Grover’s for your birthday, but only if you wanted to quit.” 
Now I know I have her.  “I don’t even know if there open today!” 
“They are, I just checked,” her smile wide across her face.
“Only if you want to quit, I would quit for you!” I say again smiling, really hamming it up.
“Fine! I quit! Why did we ever want to do this?  What we’re we thinking?”  she pleads, “This was the worse idea I ever had.”
“We!” I am already up putting on my coat, “I’d blame it on Groupon!”
“Darn, Groupon!” she replies with a laugh.
As we are walking down the stairs to the truck, I look back. “I knew you would never make it.”
“Shut it!, Now what are we gonna do with all this juice?”

Author’s note:  I’m back on the juice today!


  1. So funny! I am glad you both realized that maybe this wasn't what you needed to do now. got to celebrate your birthday! Loved the flow of your post...and it kept me wondering if you were really going to quit. And the end! How funny...blame it on Groupon. Great...and thanks for the chuckle today. Jackie

  2. I had to tune in today to see if you stayed " true to the juice!" This was a funny twist. I suspect it was Dana's idea to try this but martial harmony is better when Groupon is to blame. You crafted this so well. Please write about how this juice cleansing saga ends. :)

  3. SO well written, and so funny. I feel like I am watching you guys in a sit-com. I especially love her reaction to the "eggnog" like coconut juice; I gagged right along with her.


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