Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Little Sun and a Little Run

  March 25th -  Another cold and snowy day in Buffalo.  So far spring is off to a slow start.  However, lately the sunrises have been quite beautiful and a refreshing treat.  It makes me think that spring has a chance.

 When we got home today it was still pretty cold but that sun was still fighting its way through, so after dropping one of the boys at karate we hit the streets.  The brisk wind feels great as fresh air is inhaled deeply but it starts to really nip at our ears.  Wyatt is wearing a hood but prefers to walk with his hands over his ears.  He says he looks like a gnome with his hood up.  We laugh and remark about how much cooler it is to walk with hands over his ears.
By the time we reach the town track, we are ready to warm up a bit with a sprint competition.  Once around, winner takes all.  Wyatt begs for a head start, so we agree, but it's not even close and he has a solid victory, head start or not.  He of course, falls to the ground, chest pains, heart attack, asthma attack, basically any attack he can think of at the time.  We leave him rolling around on the ground and make it around a couple more times.
By this time, we need to head back to the karate studio, and have just hit 2.5 miles.  By the time we get to Karate it has been a decent walk and a little run but we feel great.  Fresh air in our lungs, warm blood pumped through our veins and a little Wyatt drama.  What more could we ask for?
Maybe, 30 more degrees?

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