Wednesday, February 26, 2014


As we step on to the hot white concrete, the sun penetrates my shirt heating my back, already stinging from too much sun. Let’s go for a walk, she had said minutes earlier. I didn’t argue with her, she wants to walk, I walk. “What are you thinking about?” “Nothing, It’s a hot one today,” I reply over emphasizing the word hot. We pause to look at a group of iguanas sunning themselves. Cold blooded creatures always soaking up the sun, I think to myself. While she is still looking, I spot a sign and start to head in that direction. It is a funny looking sign along the edge of “the jungle”, if there is such a thing on an expensive resort. As I get closer, it has an angry looking alligator on it wide mouthed; showing rows of sharp teeth, but it is drawn in an almost cartoon manor that makes it more cute then scary. The sign was written in both English and Spanish. “Alligators live in this area. Keep out!” I snap a quick picture and return to where she is standing. “Have you ever seen an alligator here?” I blurt out a little too excited. “Sure,” is her nonchalant response. “I’d like to see one.” “There is usually one by Los Tacos, if you really want to see one you should go down there,” she replies. “You want to go with me?’ I ask looking in her direction. Without pausing or looking she replies with a snipped, “No.” I roll my eyes and wipe the sweat from my forehead, turning my head to the left as my hand travels over my face. When I finally look back up a small iguana pops up on to the side walk and strikes the “sun pose” like he is doing some sort of iguana yoga. I instantly change my stride and half jump, half skip away from him. This causes my arms and body to tense for a brief second, not so much a reaction but a built in reflex, still intact from my inner caveman who was wary of all dangers in his path. She is not amused. Her head swivels towards me, eyes narrowed furrowed brow and snaps, “Are you kidding me?” “What? You know I startle easily. What if that had been an alligator?” I reply sheepishly giving her my best smile. “You’re ridiculous” she says with a shake of her head, blonde ponytail bouncing left to right as she continues on. I step quickly to catch up to her just as another small iguana pops up, still uglier than the first. I fight the inner caveman and only flinch a tiny bit. I smile looking forward, happy she hadn’t noticed it. But she turns and cocks her head to one side and smiles. She had noticed. “Come on, Ding Dong.” We both smile and laugh. And once again I hurry to catch up.

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