Saturday, June 1, 2013


It blows tall grass
Moves over it in waves
First one way, the other, back
Moving it left, right, forward
The grass is helpless
It blows where it wants
'Devoted to or...'
Slow light puffs
Strong forceful gusts
Calm, still resting peacefully
'Caring only for itself'
Block the wind
Take shelter from it
But never stop it.
Tall trees sway in its breathe
It howls
'Concerned primarily with its
Own interests'
Makes a frigid day unbearable
Mercilessly howls past your ears
Through your clothes
It bites.
Amused by their swaying
Back and forth
Why is it so cruel?
For its own 'benefit'
It doesn't care for their
It blows 'regardless of others'
But what about when
It cools from the heat
Blows away the pests
Scatters the remnants of trees
This way and that
The wind pays no mind
It only blows
It will let you have your moment
Enjoy it
Because it does not

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